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Managing Directors & Executive Boards

This study provides you with extensive benchmark information on managing directors and executive boards. It includes the amounts and structure of their compensation as well as additional benefits in the German markets, giving you detailed information for the configuration of the compensation of your managing directors and management boards.

While the structure of the compensation is comparable in many companies, the amounts depend on a variety of factors. The sector and size of the company, its organizational structure and international outlook, as well as the number of management board members and their composition are all key factors that play a role in this regard. In addition, the corporate success and the performance of the individual member of the management board affect the amount of the compensation.

The study provides you with information about the amounts and configuration of the following compensation elements:

  • Basic compensation (fixed salary)
  • Short and long-term variable compensation (bonuses and long term incentives)
  • Additional benefits such as company pension schemes and company cars

The benchmark focuses on the following management or executive board functions:

  • Solo management/solo executive director
  • Management/executive team consisting of several members
    • Speaker/head of the management/ executive board (Chief Executive Officer/CEO)
    • Regular member of the management/executive board

The regular members of the management/executive board are further divided by the areas of finance, sales, technical, production, IT, and human resources.


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