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We advise on a national and international level in developing and implementing customized company pension schemes. Our company pension scheme audits assist you in positioning your organisation in line with your sector. In addition, we administer and advise you on CTAs and develop investment concepts for institutional clients in company pension schemes.

Company pension schemes

We advise on the development of customized modern solutions for all aspects of company pension schemes. This includes due diligence, harmonization, introduction and administration of pension schemes, as well as multinational aspects.

Company pension scheme audits

Lurse supports you with its own company pension scheme audits to maintain or enhance your company pension scheme’s market position according to your business sector without losing sight on sustainable financing. This includes strategic consulting and accounting disclosures.

CTA Services

We have many years of expertise in the setting up and managing Contractual Trust Arrangements (CTAs). Lurse advises and supports you in the legal design and regular assessment of your CTAs. We develop ALM-based solutions for a sophisticated asset allocation and investment planning.

Investment consulting

We devise the investment guidelines for CTAs. In addition, we advise on the development of target-oriented investment strategies with strategic asset allocation and overlay management. We offer successful concepts for investment controlling and reporting as well.

International pension and benefits consulting

Our global consulting services are provided by MBWL International, a joint venture of Lurse, Barnett Waddingham, and Milliman. MBWL International is ideally positioned for the conceptual design and coordination of the pension and employee benefit systems of multinational companies and corporations.