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Company pension schemes

When it comes to competing for the best employees, company pension schemes are usually at the top of the list of benefits offered by companies, especially given recent demographic developments.

Today`s companies are challenged to find an expedient balance between sustainable financing and high acceptance by employees.

All concepts should consider the commercial plan and strategy of the company, the needs of employees (family status, age, life plans), as well as legal requirements.

Lurse supports in the development of customized, low in administration digital solutions for your organization.

Lurse advises in the following areas of expertise related to company pension schemes

Implementation support

The setting up and alteration of a company pension scheme is a complex process. The interdependences of different legal aspects in connection to financial mathematical and human resource aspects requires comprehensive expertise that you may find at Lurse.

In particular, Lurse has many years of expertise communicating with corporate participatory bodies during the introduction or restructuring of company pension schemes.

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