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Start & Devolopment

Your onboarding at Lurse already begins before your first day on the job. After you submit all required documents you will receive your Lurse Welcome Package with all key information. You will then be contacted by your future coach to discuss further details of your entry to Lurse.

On your first day you will be welcomed by your coach who will accompany you through the day together with the other colleagues. In addition to meeting the new colleagues, getting familiar with the building and receiving working materials, you will discuss with your coach the familiarization plan for the coming weeks and months.

It is very important to us that you always know where you stand with Lurse. This is why we have regular feedback meetings with your coach that maintain trust and create transparency. Of course, we use our extensive expertise in the area of human resource development to also provide our own employees with clear perspectives and development opportunities. We use jointly defined goals as the underlying framework and treat each employee as an individual.

Your coach is your first contact for all matters. You can discuss all daily issues with him/her. This may concern your work hours, task priorities, qualification for the ongoing business, as well as activities related to quality assurance and process improvement. The coaching focuses on aspects of employee development, work quality and efficiency as well as self-reliance. This naturally includes the acquisition and enhancement of knowledge, the development of competence, and cultural orientation.