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Comparison to the competition. Lurse benchmarking gives you valuable aids for orientation – based on a systematic analysis of your company and its processes we develop specific recommendations for your compensation policy as well as for internal structures or working conditions.

We invested a lot to set up one of Germany’s largest databases to be able to provide you with the most specific and reliable data available. The meaningful data derived from this database is evaluated and interpreted according to systematic criteria. The result consists of answers to the most important compensation policy questions of our time.


We have conducted many studies on human resource policy topics – of course including compensation. The evaluations are of highest quality, which makes Lurse studies a reliable source of information for human resource decisions.


The HR expert community offers you the chance to receive answers to YOUR questions about current HR topics. Become a member of Lux free of charge and benefit from the latest findings.

Network groups

Often the human resource departments in different companies face similar challenges. Lurse offers HR professionals various network groups where they can exchange their insights on current issues and human resource-related questions to develop joint solutions.

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