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Network groups – discussing the future

The human resource departments in different companies often face similar challenges. Changes in legislation, economic fluctuations, or general trends such as the lack of qualified staff, are of concern to everyone.

Lurse provides HR executives with human resource network groups that serve as a platform for the exchange of experiences and the discussion of basic human resource issues. In addition to the professional exchange, these task forces are excellent tools for networking. Lurse organizes the selection of topics, provides expert input, and ensures professional moderation.

These network groups convene regularly

Human resource network group

This group focuses on key human resource and compensation policy topics with the participation of human resource experts from various sectors.

Talent management circle

International HR experts discuss innovative solutions to all current and future challenges in the areas of people & culture, leadership and transformation.

Working group on systemic management and organizational development

A network of change and transformation experts discusses solutions to current issues and future challenges in systemic management and organizational development.


Mobility on the move – in this network group, HR and company fleet management experts discuss challenges and solutions for companies associated with current processes and legislation.

Payroll network group

This platform offers participants from various sectors to meet at eye level, i.e. from “payroller” to “payroller.”

Human resource executives network owl

Companies of various sectors from the Paderborn region discuss current and regional requirements in the area of human resource, such as, increasing employer attractiveness.

China Networking Group (CNG)

German companies active in the Chinese market meet twice a year for best practices and exchange views on all HR topics.