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CTA Services

Lurse has many years of expertise in the consulting and administrative support of contractual trust arrangements (CTAs). We offer our CTA expertise and know-how within a range of services – with our own corporate group trust, Deutsche Pensions Treuhand GmbH, is our own corporate group trust with which we successfully secure the assets of many customers.

Furthermore, we administer external corporate and group CTA trusts and offer comprehensive outsourcing solutions. This includes, for example, assigning a CTA managing board and the coordination/preparation of all board meetings. In addition to standard CTA administration, our experience includes the CTA processing of security cases in coordination with the secured parties, the PSVaG (German pension security association), and the responsible liquidator. Additionally, our offer includes the development of investments directives, investment strategies, as well as investment controlling and reporting, especially for CTAs.


Overview of our range of services for CTAs

  • Creation of a security trust in the Lurse group CTA (company pension schemes, time-value accounts, partial retirement) in the form of a double-sided trust
  • Digital-based administration incorporating
    • Company pension scheme administration
    • Actuarial services
    • Capital investment
  • Management and organization of customer CTAs
  • Risk assessment and evaluation of existing CTAs
  • Consulting on strategic asset allocation
  • Processing of CTAs in case of insolvency of the trustor

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