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What you can expect from us

We value, support, and challenge our new team members. Therefore you will be assigned a coach who will support you from the start on all issues regarding your personal and professional development. At Lurse, commitment and enthusiasm for our work go hand in hand. We believe in your capacities and give you the room you need to be successful. Of course, this includes optimal technical equipment. In line with a work-life balance approach and the concept of a modern work environment, flexible work time models are a living reality at Lurse.

What we expect of you

You are best suited for our team if you share our values and work attitude. These include: openness, commitment, honesty, and the willingness to offer our customers day after day first-rate consulting and excellent service. Of course you also need to be a good team player. This is because it is the team that supports you with all requirements, successfully concludes customer projects, and ensures the sustainable growth of our own company.

What it is like to be part of the Lurse team

At Lurse you will find a pleasant, cordial work environment and colleagues who fulfill their duties with dedication and pleasure. Esteem and respect are very important issues to us – all colleagues, regardless of position; location and area of responsibility communicate at the same level. We support each other, watch out for each other and are always open to listen to each other. Despite our rapid growth, our team includes many long-term colleagues and we do not practice the “hire and fire” culture typical of the consulting sector.

We have recently developed a new corporate design. The models for the used images are all colleagues. We recorded the photo shooting session. You can have a look at it to get a small impression of the atmosphere at Lurse.