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People & Organization

We consider organizations to be living systems with people as their key factor. What do we believe in? That every person can develop. What don’t we believe in? A one-size-fits-all approach.

On the level of HR instruments and systems, our talent management focuses on recruiting, developing, and retaining people. In our opinion in a complex and volatile world it is the attitude of people that matters.
True to the principle of “hire for attitude, train for skills”.

Future-oriented performance management activities complement sustainable talent management. We are aware of the culture-forming factor of performance-oriented systems. We support our customers with the identification of a common performance understanding and optimize existing processes and contents.

Within every corporation, people and organizational structures are elements whose interplay constitutes a decisive competitive advantage. The question is not whether a classical or agile form of organization is appropriate, but whether it is suitable to your particular business model and environment. With our systematic approach to organizational analysis and development we are the right partner for you. We combine classical and agile approaches to develop the most suitable solution in cooperation with our clients.

The technical aspects (systems, processes, technologies) of change are quickly detected. However, sustainable change can only take place when the behavior of the participants is changed as well. Both aspects determine our concept of change and transformation along our consulting process, from understanding your challenges, via the development of a solution design, to the support of its full implementation.

Talent Management

We support you in the creation or redesign of your talent management. Based on your current and future needs, we develop the necessary processes and instruments for your staff and executive development. We cover the full range of services, from analysis via formats for self-organized learning, up to programmatic approaches.

Performance Management

Applying our own Lurse analysis and design method, we develop performance management systems in cooperation with our clients. Guided by a clear understanding of the overarching
goals, an incremental procedure, prototype testing and piloting before implementation are part of our approach.

Agile working

At Lurse, we live according to agile principles, are strongly focused on our customers, and practice a high degree of self-organization. We also apply these aspects to our projects. We support you on the way to becoming an agile organization and also take into account the effects on your HR instruments.

Organizational Analysis and Development

Is your organization set up effectively? Do you have a sustainable HR strategy? Are your HR instruments suited to this strategy? We support you along the way to reorientation. We cover both
classical and modern forms of organization as well as an in-depth analysis of the current situation.

Implementation support, Change and Transformation

Lurse is all about implementation. We make sure taking the change process beyond the conceptual stage. We support you in the reorientation of instruments, processes and structures on a team, divisional,
and corporate level. We set highest priority in clear communications and the involvement of all stakeholders.

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