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The most important resource for a company are the people who work for it. We will collaborate with you in developing individual human resource solutions that are customized to your needs and corporate culture.

Our successful consulting projects are based on the long-term hands-on experience of our experts as well as our extensive market and sector knowledge founded on one of Germany’s largest compensation databases.

Lurse benchmarking gives you valuable aids for orientation – based on a systematic analysis of your company and the comparison with the competiton we develop specific recommendations for your compensation policies as well as internal structures, processes, or working conditions. We invested a lot to set up one of Germany’s largest databases to be able to provide you with the most specific and reliable data available. The meaningful data derived from this database is evaluated and interpreted according to systematic criteria. The result consists of answers to the most important compensation policy questions of our time.


We offer comprehensive advice for the development and implementation of your human resource systems and models. Our specialists have many years of experience in the areas of compensation & benefits, people & organization, pensions, and board services. This allows us to offer a complete HR full service package in which all elements are interlinked. We also offer extensive expertise in the area of employee participation based on our track record of successful cooperation with both staff associations and unions.


We digitize your entire pension, CTA, and time-value accounts and automatically coordinate all process participants. Our digital company pension scheme platform collects the entire data of your benefit system and this central data storage makes all processes completely transparent. In addition, we develop a company pension scheme communication concept customized to your company and handle the personal and/or digital communication with your employees. We offer actuarial assessments and calculate your pension and staff commitments as well.

Pension scheme solutions
Topical and hands-on: our seminars and events.