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Job evaluation/grading

Comprehensive and transparent job structures (grading) are based on in-depth evaluation of jobs and are a central anchoring point for almost all human resource instruments. The resulting system constitutes the basis for systematic benchmarking and performance-linked compensation models. Processes of compensation management and performance management can be integrated almost seamlessly. Job structures are the basis of human resource development concepts, competence management models und targeted succession planning. Similarly, fringe benefits ca be linked to these models as well.

Lurse consultants have extensive expertise in designing and introducing job evaluation/grading models, based on analytical methods as well as the application of summaric models. Their range of services includes the preparation of job descriptions and development of job-family models, as well as support of the introduction processes including work council negotiations.

Lurse’s own “summalytical grading model” combines the advantages of summaric and analytical evaluation methods and is applied by various companies as the basis of Lurse compensation comparisons.


Designing job landscapes digitally with GRA.CE

GRA.CE (Grading and Compensation Excellence) makes it easy to design job architectures. The Lurse Digital Tool simplifies the entire grading process and maps it completely.

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