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Actuary services

Our actuary services offer the ultimate combination of automated calculation and personal consulting.

This way, you will conveniently, quickly, and professionally receive a reliable evaluation of your staff commitments – of course matched to your individual needs and requirements. Our range of services includes digital reports in accordance to German and international law for the financial statement as well as due diligence assessments and long-term prognoses. We also handle the international coordination of evaluations as a global actuary.

Auxiliary and financial mathematics expert opinions

We create digital expert opinions for your staff commitments using fully automated processes. This includes pensions, anniversaries, partial retirement, early retirement, death benefits, and allowances; in addition to expert opinions for your long-term incentives (LTI) or stock option plans – according to German and international law (IFRS/US-GAAP). Of course, your individual requirements will be accounted for in the development of the processes and interfaces. This way, you will always receive the evaluation results that match your situation, reliably, securely, and of the highest quality.

Mergers & acquisitions

When it comes to the mergers and acquisitions, our pension expert opinion 4.0 offers considerable advantages – thanks to the automated processes, timely evaluations of pension commitments are possible in various models. Pension risks are identified, analyzed, and quantified. This is complemented by the presentation of post-merger activities, again in various models. As you can see, we do everything to minimize and make potential risks calculable. This protects the balance sheet, increases the shareholder value, and eventually achieves the aim of concluding the entire transaction successfully.

Risk analysis – simulation of future developments

Mastering the interest and longevity risks is essential for stable and successful benefit systems. Therefore, our risk analyses are comprehensive – they include both a qualified estimate of the future staff commitments as well as associated expense and the expected cash flow. Benefit: the long-term prognoses or simulations can indicate expenditure or on-balance sheet effects of potential developments. This way, allowing the planning of future cash flows as well.

Support of pension and burial funds

As a responsible actuary we support the administration of your pension and burial funds. Our offer entails:

  • Agency activities
    • Providing management boards and responsible actuaries
    • BaFin (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority) reporting
  • Asset liability management
  • Actuary asset assessment
  • Design and introduction of new tariffs and calculation bases

Global actuary services

We offer multinational companies an all-round package, i.e. everything from one single source. This way we support the consolidation of your global benefit systems in cooperation with our partners within the MBWL network. Upon request, Lurse may act as a global actuary to coordinate the actuarial evaluations of local actuaries.

Additional administrative services

Complementary to the administrative activities for your pension scheme and benefits plan, we offer the preparation of pension and non-forfeiture certificates, of status quo information and pension adjustment certificates, as well as brief attestations as basis for assessment for the PSVaG (German pension security association). In addition, we calculate the cash values for settlements and capital values within the scope of the German law of pension rights adjustment.

Actual Discount rates

Here you will find all information on the current discount rate according to IFRS/US-GAAP.

Current interest rates for pensions and semi-retirement obligations