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Board Services

Compensation of management boards, managing directors and supervisory boards

The core business of Lurse board services is offering comprehensive advice to supervisory boards, investors, and entrepreneurial families on compensation systems and structures of management boards, managing directors, and supervisory boards.

With the help of one of Germany’s most extensive databases, in-house studies, and business report data, our consulting activities are based on a large compensation data collection.

Based on the combination of valid data with the long-term expertise of our compensation experts, we develop customized solutions for companies of all sizes – from medium and large limited liability corporations, via SDAX and MDAX companies, up to DAX corporations. We implement transparent and sustainable compensation models in accordance to the demands of the shareholders, the German Corporate Governance Code (Deutscher Corporate Governance Kodex – DCGK), and the Second Shareholder Rights Directive (Zweite Aktionärsrechterichtlinie – ARUG II).

The range of services

We offer full services from one single source and solutions for all aspects of management boards and supervisory bodies’ compensation:

Benchmarking of compensation

Independent benchmarking creates a solid basis for decisions aimed at the professional and future-oriented design of the compensation of management boards, managing directors and supervisory boards.

Review and design of the overall compensation

There are many reasons for reviewing and redesigning entire compensation packages or individual plans for management boards or supervisory bodies. Whether it is a further development or change of the corporate strategy, new board members or a change in ownership, e.g. following a M&A process – we professionally support the neutral determination of the compensation amount and the composition of the overall compensation package.

Preparation of adequacy expert opinions

We prepare expert opinions on the appropriateness of the compensation of your management boards and managing directors. This ensures that the amounts and system of these compensations comply with all legal as well as internal and external requirements.

Consulting for supervisory boards and advisory committees

Our consultants offer comprehensive support of your company’s supervisory bodies regarding all board issues. This covers the entire range from information about current compensation trends and developments, via the choice of KPIs, to the determination of contract contents.

Communication and administration

We support with all communication and implementation tasks related to the introduction or restructuring of compensation regulations. This includes the presentation of the compensation system and amounts in the annual report as well as their preparation for voting at the general assembly (“say-on-pay”).

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