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Mergers & Acquisitions/Due diligence

Due diligence: Systematic and detailed analysis of risks and opportunities.

Due diligence describes a systematic opportunity and risk analysis, which can be initiated by the buyer or the seller of the company or shares within the scope of a M&A transaction. Before a potential transaction Lurse already supports companies with creating corporate shares of pensions as well as compensation issues in line with medium-sized business policies and with sustainable financing. If a sale transaction takes place at a later point, these offer low risk to potential investors and are therefore attractive.

Prior to the actual due diligence process, Lurse offers its Quick Check service, an initial analysis for the identification of risks and the structured presentation of the actual situation. Usually carried out within 2 to 3 days, this concise check of all staff commitments identifies risks and problem areas, serving as the basis for decisions regarding following steps and opportunities. During the subsequent due diligence process, the staff commitments are then analyzed and checked in detail. Lurse not only utilizes the numbers published in the balance sheet but also examines the appropriateness of the applied evaluation parameters while assessing the short and long term goals beyond the balance sheet.

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