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Flexible Benefits

A shrinking labor market and longer working lives, in conjunction with current social developments force companies to make greater effort in being attractive employers in order to remain competitive. Modern fringe benefits such as flexible benefits offer employees the opportunity of choosing individually and in accordance to their needs. As integral part of overall compensation, they significantly contribute to increasing the perception of employer attractiveness while at the same time meeting various requirements of different generations. This results in greater loyalty to the company. The incorporation to an overall concept for life-stage based human resource activities creates advantages for employers and employees. At the same time, flexible benefit systems do not necessarily have to involve increased administrative efforts.

Comprehensive solutions from a single source

Lurse advises on the development and implementation of a contemporary benefit portfolio, matched to the overall compensation philosophy of your company. The focus is on the development of customized solutions that incorporate all areas requiring optimization, especially the company pension schemes. The performance portfolio includes dialogs with all interest groups involved in addition to the implementation of the selected solutions at your organization. It includes all relevant services such as general consulting and model design, actuarial services, administration, and employee communication. Lurse assists not only employers but also offers advice to each individual employee, either in direct meetings or with the help of modern employee portals for the administration and facilitation of the benefit plan.

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