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Lurse Digital Tools

Lurse has developed various digital tools for the HR sector: the right tool for every need.
For benchmarking, we have MI.CA, a comprehensive tool for the individual evaluation of your benchmark results. Our HR Expert community platform LUX gives HR Experts free access to survey results, to exchange with the HR community and to expand your network.

In the area of job evaluation, our grading tool GRA.CE offers you the possibility to define the job architectures of your company flexibly. The tool can map any conceivable organizational structure.

In the area of pensions, P-LIVE enables the uncomplicated administration of all implementation methods of pensions, CTAs and working time accounts.



With MI.CA, the digital Market Insights Compensation Analyst, we provide benchmark participants with the latest data and results online – uncomplicated, intuitively operable and available at any time.

The HR Expert Community offers you the opportunity to get answers to YOUR questions on current HR topics. Join Lux free of charge and benefit from the latest results.


Company Pension Schemes

GRA.CE (Grading and Compensation Excellence) makes it easy to design job architectures. The Lurse Digital Tool simplifies the entire grading process and maps it end-to-end.

The digital administration service P·LIVE significantly reduces the administrative effort for the implementation channels of the company pension scheme, working time accounts, CTAs and partial retirement solutions.