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Compensation & Benefits

The design of compensation systems happens in a complex field of tension: corporate strategy, precise company requirements, and interests of the business parties come together. We consider these elements from the start – and together with you conceptualize systems with an appropriate orientation to market, performance, and structure.

Thus, your company’s attractiveness in the competition for qualified employees increases while resources and budgets are used economically. In line with a contemporary total rewards approach, at Lurse we see “compensation” as an integral process. Therefore, we do not only design its single components but consider their diverse interactions as well.

Functional structures/grading

We develop your structures using Lurse’s in-house grading model. This standard is, of course, adaptable to your customized requirements – either as a job architecture or job-family model. Apart from this, we can also provide competent advice on all market-standard analytical valuation

Compensation systems

When designing targeted compensation systems, we strive for a perfect fit with your corporate strategic objectives while taking into account current market developments and trends. The aim is to create a model which supports your economic targets and is perceived as transparent and fair by the concerned parties.

Variable compensation models

In collaboration with you, Lurse develops and implements variable compensation systems – whether as a short term or long term incentive plan. Here we cover all employee groups. In the design process, we profit from our comprehensive market data and our extensive practical experience.

Flexible Benefits

Contemporary fringe benefits like a company car, mobile phone, or notebook increase loyalty among your employees and are an essential part of employer attractiveness. We gladly advise you on the development and implementation of an up-to-date benefits portfolio – tailored to your company’s total compensation philosophy.