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The demands and expectations of clients towards consultants are high. This requires great commitment, a certain “bite” in terms of staying power, and an intense focus on high quality solutions. We support you in your development by giving you recommendations and tips, critically reflect on your actions with you, and always consider what you could do better and how. We guarantee you this professional and personal support from the start. It begins with an elaborate onboarding process and is continued in sustained coaching. Your development takes place on the job, along the job and off the job, no matter what career path you choose.

Start & Development

Your onboarding at Lurse already begins before your first day on the job. After you submit all required documents you will receive your Lurse Welcome Package with all key information.

Freedom & Flexibility

Lurse offers a wide and demanding range of responsibilities. This means that you need a flexible work environment that also gives you room to pursue your personal interests and aims.

Projects & variety

Lurse projects are very diverse; they can last from a few weeks to several years. As opposed to other consulting companies, however, Lurse consultants do not work for a single customer at a single location.