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Variable compensation models

A variable compensation model which is tailor-made for the company’s needs and requirements enables companies to make personnel costs more flexible and to align the salaries with performance and achievements. Whether a relaunch or a reorganization – Lurse is at your side to help you introduce or modify performance or success-based compensation systems.

Different employee groups require different models. Alongside the determination of the level of variable compensation, especially the consistent derivation of the respective measures from the corporate strategy is a central design aspect. The linking with an integrated performance management system  is the topic of a critical debate. It is the task of the consultant to find the model which corresponds to the organization’s level of maturity and includes company-specific features.

In cooperation with you, Lurse develops and introduces variable compensation models and thus supports you in realizing your business objectives. The type of remuneration of high-performance managers and employees is a challenging task.

Founded on the expertise from many successfully implemented compensation models, Lurse supports you in this conflict-laden subject. Practice-proven and pragmatic approaches for different target groups are the fundaments of the consulting process.


Today, compensation systems for management functions are inconceivable without a variable portion. In recent years, especially the importance of perennial models has increased rapidly, since it is essential to orientate managers towards the sustainable success of the organization. The strategic integration of these models by choosing the right goals is one of the core challenges of their design. Staying adaptable in dynamic environments while maintaining an acceptable level of administrative expenses is another one. Lurse assists you in successfully managing this field of tension.

Exempt employees/professionals

The subject of variable compensation of exempt employees is becoming an increasingly contentious issue. Nevertheless, the question of remuneration of top performers must be answered. Enterprises can create an additional possibility for motivation and control using a smart combination of performance and success components. The focus is on developing solutions with a sense of proportion that steer these employees towards the sustained success of the company.

Non-exempt employees/clerks/specialists

Today, many collective benefit schemes include variable compensation elements. Performance-based evaluation systems exist, for example, under the collective wage agreement of the metal industry “ERA” and in public services. Lurse is your partner for the cooperation with codetermination partners and supports the company-specific implementation of the collective bargaining agreements.

Sales representatives

The performance of sales representatives can usually be measured in a more direct way by the sales success. That is why variable compensation has been the standard for many years in this area. In dynamic markets, the periodic review and adjustment of existing systems are indispensable. Lurse makes sure that your systems – provision or target orientation – effectively support the implementation of your sales strategy and provide targeted performance incentives for its successful realization.

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