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Regardless of whether you are a university student, a recent graduate, or if you have already gained work experience, we are always on the search for people who match our team, who challenge us and help us advance. Your area of specialization is only one criteria amongst others. However, it is important to us, that you:

  • have a healthy amount of curiosity
  • are willing to constantly develop further
  • have a proactive attitude towards colleagues and customers
  • enjoy working in a team
  • have a high customer orientation and high quality standards
  • have considerable analytical skills
  • apply solution-oriented thinking.


For other skills required for specific jobs and positions, see our current job offers.

In all instances we require you to send us an expressive cover letter, your clearly structured personal data sheet and all key diplomas (school graduation diploma, Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, PhD, if applicable) as well as job reference letters. You are also welcome to send us additional documents or certificates if they relate to your future job at Lurse.

You are welcome to send an electronic application to us either to Irina Köhler or Saskia Schellenberger. Irina Köhler, our personnel officer will be glad to answer all your questions regarding our application process, and working for Lurse.

When we receive your application documents we will send you a confirmation of receipt. This tells you that we are internally checking your documents and are coordinating with the concerned area of expertise. If everything is as it should be, you will receive a personal call from us to arrange an initial phone call with the concerned area of expertise. Depending on the position, this is followed by several personal meetings for everyone to become acquainted. Typically, you will meet with your potential coach and some of your future colleagues. Throughout the entire process we will keep you updated of the current status of your application. The duration of the entire process depends on the concerned job. But it is our basic concern that we will not make you wait unnecessarily!

Lurse offers internships, student trainee positions, and the option of writing a thesis.

If you want to write a practice-oriented bachelor’s or Master’s thesis we look forward to your topic suggestions. You are welcome to combine your thesis with an internship. If you are a university student we will need, in addition to the general application documents, a current enrollment confirmation.

At Lurse, university graduates start out directly as analysts with a flexible starting date. While Lurse does not offer a trainee program, the direct entry ensures intensive on the job training. This allows you constantly improve your skills and to grow along with your responsibilities. At the same time, you can always rely on the support of your coach and your colleagues.

You can join us in general at our locations in Salzkotten (Paderborn), Frankfurt, Hanover, Troisdorf (Cologne) and Munich. The different job families found at the different locations are as follows:

Salzkotten (Paderborn): Services, Consulting, Business Support
Frankfurt: Consulting, Administration Services, Business Support
Hanover: Actuarial Services, Business Support
Troisdorf (Cologne): Consulting, Business Support
Munich: Actuarial Services, Consulting, Business Support

For more information, see the current job offers.

According to the legal retention periods, your data will remain stored in our system for 6 months after completion of the application process.

If you did not find a suitable position among the currently advertised jobs, you are welcome to submit a general application. Please include in your cover letter the expertise area you are interested in, possible location, and earliest starting date. Include a short résumé for the initial contact. We will then check your documents and contact you. We look forward to receiving your application!

You can apply to several jobs. In general, we will compare your profile with all available vacancies and contact you if your profile fits additional jobs. Of course you are welcome to apply again after a rejection.