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We are convinced that systematic structuring of compensation is essential. When developing target-group specific compensation instruments we aim to match them to your corporate goals and your compensation strategy, taking into account current market developments and trends. The goal is to create a model that supports your business goals and that is perceived as comprehensible and fair by all parties concerned.

We cooperate in designing target-group specific compensation structures in conjunction with the specified rules and processes. A market-based compensation system brings employees and executives the required orientation while creating transparent career development options and future perspectives. At the same time, we establish corresponding control mechanisms that comply with the business requirements of your company.

On the one hand, variable compensation models aim at suitable cost flexibility and on the other hand at honoring performance. In close collaboration, we develop a suitable variable compensation model for different target groups, regardless of whether they are short-term (profit sharing, target bonus, provision) or long-term incentive plans.

We draw on extensive market information for the design of your compensation landscape. Depending on the request, an extensive tariff database in which different rules and regulations can be interpreted (even in comparison to one another), offers valuable information for the concerned parties.

There are few topics as sensitive as the configuration of compensation. As certified codetermination experts, we moderate the required consent creation process among the participatory bodies. We ensure the success of the implementation through comprehensive change management as well as target-group specific communication processes and instruments.

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