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Opportunities and Risks of Cloud Technologies


Cloud services such as Microsoft 365 (M365), Microsoft Azure Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are gaining traction thanks to their flexibility and efficiency. The Corona pandemic has accelerated their use as home offices and video telephony have become the norm. However, cloud solutions also carry risks in terms of operations, IT security and legal issues. If decision-makers want to minimize these risks, they face three specific challenges:

  • Avoidance of violations of directives and laws such as DSGVO or the Schrems II ruling.
  • Compliance with standards such as ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 to retain existing customers and attract new ones
  • Increase IT security to protect own systems and data

Mastering these challenges is a complex task – especially for companies without their own compliance department.

Reduce Risks Effectively!

To help companies with this task, we have developed best practices based on our project experience. We have focused on Microsoft products such as M365, Power Platform, Power BI and Azure because they are widely used and essential in day-to-day business. In their default configuration, they can present challenges in terms of regulatory requirements and IT security. But these can be successfully managed with our best practices.

In a Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) project, we analyze our customers’ individual requirements, comprehensively assess their risks based on a vulnerability list, and support them in implementing technical, organizational and legal measures. With this approach, we help them operate cloud solutions securely and set up modern workplaces.

Example: Microsoft 365

Many basic settings of this cloud service do not ensure an appropriate level of security or do not meet legal and regulatory requirements. For example, many companies are not aware that Microsoft does not perform backups that meet the data protection regulations that apply in Germany. The companies themselves are responsible for this. However, the deficits can be remedied through targeted modifications.

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Conclusion: Cloud services offer companies enormous added value, but also pose risks if they are not operated properly. To minimize these, correct configuration of the services is just as necessary as organizational and legal measures.

For Microsoft products such as M365, Azure, PowerPlatform and Power BI, we offer a comprehensive GRC solution to support companies from analysis to implementation.

If you want to know more about this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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