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Preparation of pension and vested benefits statements

Status notes, calculation of lump sum settlements, calculations in accordance with the law of pension rights adjustments

In case of early termination before the commencement date of the pension payment, we calculate the amount of the contingent pension rights and prepare an according statement.

In the event of commencement of the pension payment, for example if the age limit has been reached, we calculate the entitlement based on the pension commitment and prepare a pension statement.

We will be glad to prepare the annual statements  for benefiting employees who receive information of the amount of their accumulated entitlement to pension rights statements.

If required by the employer or the employee, the entitlement to pension rights or the ongoing payments can be settled with a lump-sum payment under certain circumstances. If required, we can evaluate the legitimacy of the settlement according to labor laws and calculate the amount of the lump-sum benefit.

In Germany, the structural reform of the statutory equalization of pension benefit rights resulted in the Gesetz über den Versorgungsausgleich (VersAusglG – Law of the statutory equalization of pension benefit rights), which must be applied to all divorce proceedings initiated since Sept. 1, 2009. We will be glad to support you with the application of the law and the obligations resulting from it. Based on the underlying pension commitment, we also calculate the portion of the pension funds accumulated during marriage, the equalization amount, and the corresponding capital value and help you in corresponding with the family courts.