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Company cars and mobility 2023

The company cars and mobility study by Lurse looks at all aspects of this topic. Implemented in a 3-year rhythm, it will be conducted in 2023 following the last implementation in 2020.

As a participant you will received extensive evaluations of the general rules/regulations of the companies as well as individual mobility services. You can benefit from the separate evaluation of the company cars according to status vehicles, functional vehicles, and employee-financed vehicles. Interested companies of all sectors are invited to participate.

Contents include:

  • General directive
  • Mobility services as a component of the overall compensation strategy
  • Types of mobility services
  • Bicycles and e-bikes
  • Leasing rates, list prices
  • Leasing duration, vehicle replacement
  • Alternative drive technologies
  • Environmental aspects
  • Employee contributions
  • Private use

If you are interested in the study and/or results of the 2020 study, please contact Thomas Heumüller.

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