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For decades, Lurse has been conducting a variety of valuable surveys. Data is stored exclusively in Germany based on relevant compliance rules, and in line with all data protection regulations. The contents of the studies cover a broad range of issues,  from industry-specific or cross-industry compensation, via general HR topics to current trends.

Below you can find an overview of recent compensation studies. For further information please contact us via phone or e-mail: +49 5258 9818-0, benchmark@lurse.de

Please note our offers SAMBA (working strategically with benchmark evaluations) and BENCHMARK+ (additional customized evaluations).

Managing Directors & Executive Boards

This study provides you information on the remuneration of managing directors and board members.

Benefits and Employer Branding 2022

The study looks at the organization/administration of the overall benefits, individual benefits (e.g. measures in the area of “health and social services” and “work life balance”) as well as the employer branding strategies of companies.

Company Pension Schemes 2021

In this special study, Lurse focuses on the area of “company pension schemes”. This study is conducted in a 3-year rhythm.

Chemistry / Pharmaceutical industry

This cash compensation benchmark developed for chemical and pharmaceutical companies presents functions typical of the sector.

Consulting Companies (Auditing)

This study specifically presents the needs of consulting companies. It also includes an exchange of insights regarding human resources and compensation policy topics.

Cross industry

Many companies from a variety of sectors participate in this annual cash compensation comparison for specialists and managers of all relevant functional areas.

Cross Industry New Hire

This study is a regularly conducted evaluation of the compensation of new hires.

Engineering (Automotive)

This benchmark study addresses companies from the engineering services sector. A regular cash compensation comparison is carried out in addition to the personal exchange. 

Company cars and mobility 2023

The company cars and mobility study by Lurse looks at all aspects of this filed and is carried out regularly every 3 years.

Semiconductor industry

This study is a cash compensation comparison that presents the special needs of the semiconductor industry.

Information Technology

The benchmark circle of the IT and telecommunications sector combines regular exchange of experiences with an annual compensation benchmark.

Customer Service Center

This benchmark circle consists of companies with in-house customer service centers and serves the exchange of expertise among the participants.


The MDAXplus benchmark circle consists of companies listed on the MDAX index and other companies that are comparable in size and organizational structure.

Online Media/Internet Companies

This study is an interactive circle that is specifically tailored to the needs of the online media sector and internet companies.

Temporary Employment Agencies

This cash compensation benchmark specifically presents the needs of temporary employment agencies. Regular meetings for the exchange of experience are also held.

Reinsurance companies

This benchmark circle is a fixed interactive circle of reinsurance companies. The functions of this sector are precisely presented within the scope of a study.

Trends in Compensation and HR 2021/2022

Our annual study “Trends of compensation and HR” provides current figures about the salary increase budgets of the participating companies in Germany along with current human resource trends.


With a steady circle of participants from approx. 40 sector companies, this study maps a representative cross section of the insurance sector.