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Cross industry

This study provides you with a benchmark of cross-industry market data. More than 70 companies from a variety of sectors belong to the steady group of participants in this annual benchmark study. It incorporates specialist and leadership functions of all relevant corporate areas, thus providing a solid database for your compensation policy.

As a participant, you can profit from the analysis of income, income structures and extended benefits of experts/professionals, team leaders and management functions divided according to typical career stages and differentiated by 60 functional areas.

This benchmark provides information to deduct your own market position. The differentiated look, e.g. at the volume of variable compensation, allows you to deduce effective options for actions.

Every year, a meeting is held for all participants, offering an excellent opportunity for networking and professional exchange.

In addition, you have the option to participate in the “Top Jobs – New Hire” study and use the findings there on the compensation new hires and the demands of applicants for your HR approach.

The MI.CA Pro version is included in this benchmark.

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