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Agile functions, roles and organizational structures

This structure and compensation benchmark analyzes the income and income structures of agile functions and takes into account and highlights the special features of companies that are undergoing or have already completed a transformation.

Are you currently experiencing a transformation towards more self-organization in your organization? Do you operate in classic compensation structures and have difficulties mapping the new functions in them? You work in classical structures and have already found a solution?

This benchmark analyzes the income and income structures of different categories by clusters, depending on the agile structure and valences. Additionally, the organizational structures of the companies are surveyed, as well as the extent of agility of the participating organizations. The impact on compensation and benefits issues is considered, such as the design of compensation practices and the additional benefits offered.

The study provides information on how the market is positioning itself in relation to the transformation towards more self-organization.

Functions such as the following are analyzed:

  • People Lead
  • Chapter Lead
  • Tribe Lead
  • Team Facilitator
  • Scrum Master
  • Agile Coach
  • Organization Developer
  • Agility Master
  • Squad Lead
  • Business Owner
  • Product Owner

For further information please contact Frauke Brüning.

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