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Reassessing corporate pension schemes – results of the corporate pension scheme trend study

Reassessing corporate pension schemes – results of the corporate pension scheme trend study

Paderborn/Salzkotten, April 13, 2015 – 85 companies listed in the DAX, MDAX as well as larger smaller and medium-sized enterprises participated in the trend survey, which was conducted by the HR strategy consultant Lurse. The survey addressed the financing of the corporate pension scheme, planned adjustments as well as employees’ appreciation for this additional benefit in the company.

“The corporate pension scheme is still an attractive benefit – nearly half of the participating companies stated that this additional benefit receives a high to very high level of appreciation on behalf of the employees. However, the low interest rate level has led to an extreme increase in the financial burden caused by the corporate pension scheme and ensures that it will continue to increase. Those impacted by this development are companies with reserve-financed corporate pension scheme systems and/or in-house pension funds/support funds,” emphasizes Matthias Edelmann, a member of Lurse’s board of management.

New approaches to corporate pension schemes are planned

The study’s most significant result: more than a quarter of the companies, which use the respective financing vehicle, plan on reorganizing their pension scheme arrangement. However, these are not the only companies that see a need for action. In terms of the entire group of participants, more than a third of the companies intend to make changes to their systems.

The primary reason is the disproportionately high increase in costs for financing the pension obligations. “Reassessing new systems that eliminate risks associated with interest rates and biometric aspects, as well as increasing employees’ appreciation, are very high up on the corporate agenda,” explains Matthias Edelmann.

Several participants indicated further interest in a more comprehensive comparison of the corporate pension scheme systems; therefore Lurse will launch a special study for corporate pension schemes in the fall of this year.

Interested companies please contact Alexa Hüllmann (phone: +49 (0) 5258 9818-55, E-mail: ahuellmann@lurse.de)